Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Teena’s Flying Adventures - part 2

On July 18, 2012, I was visiting my son Aaron in Wasilla and it was a beautiful, sunny day so he took me flying up the Knik River as far as the glacier.  I’ve been up there before in small planes and even a small, bubble-fronted helicopter and it is always a spectacular flight with incredible views.  Colville 7-18-2012_in Palmer_Aaron House&Flight 031Aaron was flying a Cessna 182 out of the Palmer airport.

Colville 7-18-2012_in Palmer_Aaron House&Flight 020
We headed straight up the valley toward the glacier.  There are usually moose to see and many ATV trails winding back and forth across the valley floor.  The side valleys with creeks tumbling down narrow gorges and mountainside vegetation was gorgeous!  I love seeing it this time of year.  What a beautiful world in which we live! Reaching the glacier is always breathtaking. The lake made from the melting ice is swimming with melting icebergs that have “calved” off the rugged glacier face. The massive river of  ice is so jagged, with huge fissures and pinnacles, that traversing it on foot would be impossible.  Looking up the glacier, I can see that it is actually two glaciers coming out of two different valleys and melding into one as it slowly pushes along.  Aaron followed one valley a ways higher up, and then we turned around and headed back down the Knik River toward Palmer.

Colville 7-18-2012_in Palmer_Aaron House&Flight 014

Coming out of the upper Knik valley back to Palmer:
Colville 7-18-2012_in Palmer_Aaron House&Flight 028

A Second Flight Up the Knik Valley.


On the same day as my flight with Aaron, I was fortunate to get to fly along with my friend Bruce, who works at the Palmer airport, as he took another person up to see the glacier…giving me two gorgeous flights in one day up the Knik Valley.  We even flew up the Metal River Valley several miles too – a river that  enters the Knik River near the glacier on the north side.  Bruce loves to fly low, so we got some really good close-ups of the terrain.  I like to call it “counting the butterflies.”
 Colville 7-18-2012_in Palmer_Aaron House&Flight 033
Bruce’s little Piper Pacer.


The main reason I was along on this flight was because Bruce was to drop me off at the Birchwood runway before returning to the Palmer Airport.  There I was picked up and returned to the family I was staying with in Eagle River.  See pictures below of that.     
Colville 7-18-2012_in Palmer_Bruce Flight 030
Following the Knik River toward
Cook Inlet. Palmer and Wasilla off to our right. 



Colville 7-18-2012_in Palmer_Bruce Flight 035
Park’s Highway      

Colville 7-18-2012_in Palmer_Bruce Flight 039

Birchwood Runway   

Colville 7-18-2012_in Palmer_Bruce Flight 040

Teena and Bruce at Birchwood Airport

What a wonderful day!

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