Friday, January 11, 2013

Special Times


Since the family moved back to the Mainland from Adak, I’ve enjoyed several special times with my two youngest grandchildren, Rhianna and Danian, The family now lives in Palmer.

Rhianna and Danian - best


















I helped Isaac and Crystal (with kids) house-sit for Craig and Cassie Bennett at their beautiful home in Eagle River in July. It was a cool place for me to spend time with the kids. Below is a collection of photos taken that week.  They even  have a  wonderful creek running through their property with waterfalls that give off a constant symphony of gurgling, babbling water.  Until my brain adjusted to the sound, I kept thinking it was pouring rain outside. Then the lovely sound settled in as a peaceful background to the beauty of the wooded, blue-sky setting.



Then again in November, I  spent time with Isaac’s family in their new house in Palmer.  Crystal and Isaac were busy getting settled in and making the new place into a comfortable home. I helped mostly with the kids – the hard part for me. HaHa.  We also had a combined birthday party for the children, Danian turned 1 year old and Rhianna turned 4 years old this month.  It’s so fun being a Grandma!



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