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Teena’s Flying Adventures 2012

I love flying and for many years, even though my husband is a pilot and operated an air taxi for many years, I still rarely got to fly.  Not being a pilot myself, I was always the one to stay home and take care of everything at home, including kids, animals, guests at the lodge, and everything in-between.TwoPlanes1194 Below is a picture of our two planes used on the Colville for many years: The Piper Super Cub and the Cessna 206. The cub remains on Tundra tires, but the C-206 uses both wheels and floats depending on seasons.

This past summer was the first time I’d gotten to fly in the Cessna 206 in many years. Jay flew the 206 floatplane to the Colville from Fairbanks to pick up his daughter Melody and me to take us back to Fairbanks after Melody’s special time with G-ma & G-pa. 
Colville 7-5-2012 015

It was a gorgeous, clear day in mid-July when we took off from the 206-TakeOff 07-12-12Colville 
Homestead Lake and headed south.

Colville 7-12-2012_to FAI, takeoff 


Colville 7-12-2012_to FAI 003
TUNDRA and small Lakes
Colville 7-12-2012_to FAI 008
Colville 7-12-2012_to FAI 009
Looking back across the Colville River.


Our route took us overland until we met the Itkillik River, followed that until hopping over to the Anaktuvuk River,  which we followed through Anaktuvuk Pass and

Colville 7-12-2012_to FAI 039
Colville 7-12-2012_to FAI 049 over the village of Anaktuvuk Pass. 

At this point, the north-flowing waters of the Anaktuvuk River fade out and the south-flowing headwaters of the John River start.Colville 7-12-2012_to FAI 053 

We followed the John River through the beautiful mountain valleys until we broke out near
Colville 7-12-2012_to FAI 063 where the John River joins the Koyukuk River.  From here the Brooks Range slipped behind and the flats, and hills rolled by on the way to the Colville 7-12-2012_to FAI 077

Yukon River crossing. We flew over the mighty Yukon just east of the Haul Road bridge.

 Colville 7-12-2012_to FAI 068

Our route took us over much forest-fire damaged terrain that was bursting in amazing colors. There were purple shadows mixed with reds, oranges, and greens, and, Oh, how the fireweed covered the hills like pink blankets over sleeping bodies. 

Colville to FAI 7-12-12_Melody

We passed occasional rain squalls, but visibility remained great and as we neared Fairbanks, the skies were clear again.

Melody is a flying trouper. 

THANKS Colville 7-12-2012_to FAI 029Pilot Jay.

Colville 7-12-2012_to FAI 098

On the floatpond in Fairbanks. 
Colville 7-12-2012_to FAI 105I am always so amazed by the lush green and tall growth.  Although the tundra has a beauty all its own, it is wonderful to experience the trees and abundant growth of interior Alaska in summer.

I have shared only a fraction of the many photos I took on the flight to Fairbanks. I’ve decided to split my flying experiences up from Summer 2012, so another installment on a different flight will follow soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. So love hearing about your life in Alaska. My darlin' has told me many times about his 4 years there and his love for that land. Keep sharing!!!!