Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ruby Settling In

Once the big storm was over, we continued to have a lot of fresh snowfall. It has remained soft and fluffy for the time being, making walking more difficult as my feet sink in and tend to fill my boots up with snow. When the next wind blows all the soft snow will be blown away or into hard drifts, easy to walk on.

I've been getting a lot more walks outside since bringing Ruby home, since she is too little yet to just turn loose. It didn't take long for her to realize that her yard is unending, and she has been want to roam too far for my comfort. The leash came out when I got tired of chasing her all over tarnation when it was time to come in.

She loves to chew on old caribou antlers, and has learned quickly to love fish and caribou. That is why we think Toby grew to be such a big Chesapeake Bay Retriever...all the good food he had growing up. I'm not wanting Ruby to be that big, but just that she gets all the good food too.

Here's a picture of Ruby and Jim to show how much she has already grown in a week.

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