Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rain In October

More rain and melting here in the Colville River Delta, and in fact, all across the North Slope. It’s happened in the past, but not for quite awhile In fact, it has happened in January several times in past history too, which is even more unusual. It is always associated with a south or southwest wind.

I need to go to Prudhoe Bay (Deadhorse) to pick up mail and freight soon, so it looks like I won’t be using my snowmachine (snowmobile, some of you may call it) to get across the river, like normal this time of year. Jim will have to fly me across the river to where I park our truck on one of ConocoPhillips’ oil production pads. This is the closest pad to us that is connected to the road system. Once Jim drops me off, and then I have approximately a 2-hour drive to Deadhorse. I have to go through one security check-point on the way. Most everyone in security knows me and my truck, plus I am in their computer system with a badge, so getting through the "guard" shack is quick and easy.

I'll give more details of how my travels turn out after the weekend. One advantage to being able to cross the river by snowmachine verses the plane, is that it is not dependent on good flying weather. (Of course, weather can be so bad that I can't travel by snowmachine too, such as a bad wind storm with blowing snow and extremely poor visibility.)

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