Sunday, October 11, 2009

Getting Started

Well, I've procrastinated enough. It is time to begin writing something here. I set this up about the time my husband began his blog, Arctic Smoke Signals, but just never got around to writing anything.

I guess my hesitancy is based on the fact that when I'm writing here, I am not working on my book or other writing I should be doing. That's the hang-up. How do I spend my time?

Just to put something up here, I'll add a recent picture of our dog looking out over the river ice yesterday when he was so worried about Jim walking on the thin, slippery ice.

Here's another picture of our house on Anachlik Island, Colville River Delta, Alaska.

That's a fish net on the ground that Jim had just hauled up on the island to save it from getting frozen into the fresh overflow water on top of the ice. I still needed to "pick" the fish out.


  1. Yeh Tina! I look forward to "spending" the winter with you!

  2. Tina! Craig T just swung in to say hi to me here in Deadhorse yesterday, and told me that you are starting your book! I'm so excited for you!!! I'm looking forward to more visits with you over the winter and please know, you always have a place to stay with us here in Deadhorse! Best of luck sorting out all of the wonderfull/nail biting stories you have to choose from....I know it was just life as usual for you, but to everyone else, you are one hell of a strong lady. The book will be amazing! I just know it! I'll be looking to add a signed copy in my personal libary hint! hint!

  3. Hi Teena
    Always enjoy reading your Arctic tales, makes us lonesome....especially when it is 110+ here in Arizona. Also enjoyed looking at Annie & John's sites. Especially liked their New Mexico pictures. Remember, our door is always open. Love, Myke & Clive

  4. You did a good job of picking the net :-)