Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Maui, Hawaii 2010


Teena in Hawaii

I got to spend 6-13 December in Maui with my eldest and youngest sons, Derek and Aaron.  It was their birthday present to me and my first time to Hawaii. I had a wonderful time and I think they had a lot of fun too.  Every day we spent time at various beaches  sunbathing, body surfing in the waves, snorkeling, or just walking and enjoying the beauty.  Plus we squeezed in as many other activities as we could, such as hiking, driving the spectacular northern coast, parasailing, visiting the Ocean Center, wandering through a botanical garden & aviary, a sunset sail, watching the sunrise over the eastern ocean from the top of Maui’s highest volcano, and making the long drive through rain forest habitat to Hana.  The Hana drive included many stops to enjoy waterfalls along the winding road plus the hike up to 400’ Waimoku Falls.  Rather then try to identify individual photos or adventures, I’ll post several albums with a sampling of the 731 photos I took.

The first album is just a mix of pictures:

Beaches and Sky:


Maui Waterfalls:


Maui Flowers (just a very few of my 100’s of photos):


Parasailing – Aaron and Teena in Lahaina Bay:

Some day if I get to return to Hawaii, there will be many things to do that escaped our time on this trip.  I look forward to that day, but meanwhile I have a boat-load of memories and pictures to keep this wonderful trip fresh in my mind.  (By the way, I kept enough sunscreen applied to prevent sunburn…didn’t want to put a damper on all our planned activities.  However, a bad blister on one foot gotten on a hike through the lava fields slowed me down for a couple of days early on.)

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