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July 2010 continued…



My brother Mark, Denise, their son Marwan and granddaughter Matia were the only other Alaskans at our Wartes Cousins Reunion in Seattle besides me.  My mom and both sisters came from Spokane area.  Many others came from all over the Pacific NW and as far east as Denver. My mom was the oldest present at the reunion and I came from the furthest to attend.

The event was hosted by my cousin Barry Rodda and his wife Jan at their beautiful home overlooking the Puget Sound in Burien. Seattle area_July2010 063  The view was breathtaking and so was their beautifully landscaped yard.  Flowers everywhere drew me like a magnet.  I could fill a large photo album with all the flower pictures I took during the whole Seattle area trip.



These flowers were just a few samples of ones in Jan & Barry’s yard:


This reunion was based on my Wartes grandparents and all their progeny. Since Andrew and Lena Wartes had 8 children, the gathering was big even when many members weren’t able to attend. My dad was 6th of the 8 children and he had 6 children himself.

Wartes family tree2010

Just the part of the family chart showing all my parent’s progeny covered a large part of the entire family tree chart.





Here are just a few of the many pictures taken during our fun gathering:

                                                                                                                  Seattle area_July2010 068Sister Merrily getting camera advice from Chris Wartes with cousins Barry and Bill looking on.




Seattle area_July2010 075


More cousins. Such fun was had by all.  The time went by too fast.








A reunion of family from Mom’s side of the family followed the next day north of Seattle at a beautiful park in Marysville.

Seattle area_July2010 100  Seattle area_July2010 101


It was the largest gathering in many years and my first time since a teenager.Orsborn Reunion All the Gang_2

Mom, Teena, Mark & Denise_Orsborn Reunion_2











More pictures as we looked through albums and family history and enjoyed the food:

Seattle area_July2010 106 Mom & Mark


Seattle area_July2010 003 Mom & Teena at Orsborn reunion_2

Mom and Teena                                                 Mom, Denise and Mark



After the Orsborn Reunion we were able to visit my Uncle Eldon (Mom’s brother), who was unable to attend the reunion.  He lives a little further north in Sedro Woolly, and  I had never been there before. It was wonderful to see Uncle Eldon and Aunt Vera and their interesting home full of amazing keepsakes of every kind.

Seattle area_July2010 135small


Uncle Eldon, Mom, and me.








Seattle area_July2010 127small

Uncle Eldon’s house is a double Geometric dome house.









Another very special visit made during this Seattle Area trip was to see my college freshman-year roommate, Marianne Henderson.

Teena & Marianne_July2010

She is one of the few school-days friends I have remained in touch with through all the years.  It was wonderful to see her, and visit together on her  well shaded deck tucked in between some giant fir trees that also surrounded her whole house.  The greater Seattle area was having a heat wave, so Marianne had been enjoying the relaxing time on her peaceful deck.





Earlier on the day we returned to Alaska, my brother and I spent a few hours enjoying the sun on Alki and Lincoln Beaches, places we have fond memories of from high school days in Seattle.

Seattle area_July2010 171 

Seattle area_July2010 165



I made it home to the Colville to Muskoxen 005be with Jim by the end of July and we celebrated Jim’s birthday a few days late. 

Our summer guests, the two muskoxen continued to be very photogenic as they grazed and slept in our yard.




Fall at Colville 003

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