Monday, May 31, 2010


This time of year always make me feel like we're waiting for things more then usual. Waiting for the birds to return to the Arctic, waiting for the river to flood with spring overflow, waiting for the snow to melt, waiting to get out and do some boating, waiting for the mud to dry up, waiting for warmer summer days, and on and on.

Today I can say that some of the waiting is over. Most of our summertime birds are now back, the river began flooding on May 26th, and the snow has started melting but has a long way to go yet. The ice is not gone out of the river, so no boating yet, it has just started to melt enough to get muddy here and there, and warm summer days are still a ways away.

Waiting to get through spring break-up and into summer proper is probably not that much different then waiting for the changes to take place through any season, however, it is a bit more dramatic for us considering our transportation to or from our island home is extremely limited at this time and flooding is a danger every year.

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