Monday, December 14, 2009

It has been getting colder recently...well below zero with significant wind chill. I had to bundle up in my fur parka and heavy cold weather gear to make the 6.2 mile drive out to the Pioneer Oooguruk Drill Site (ODS) for my spill response training yesterday.

Sometimes I pull a sled so I can bring a load of firewood home, but this time I drove my Skidoo without a sled. It is usually about a twenty minute drive. The stars were out, despite heavy frost falling like snow in my headlight. Once I get all my gear on, you certainly couldn't see who I was, unless you knew ahead of time. Even my face is completely covered with a mask and goggles and surrounded with a wolf ruff. I'll share a picture next time I write if I can remember to have one taken.

I got some Christmas lights up in our kitchen window. Then I added a little tree. This will probably be the extent of my Christmas decorating.


  1. Hi Teena
    I enjoy reading about your comings and goings - I hope you have had a very Happy Christmas.
    Mary Colwell

  2. OMG Teena - I got to Googling around and entered Jim & Teena Helmericks, Colville, AK and wella came upon Jim's blog. Tried to join but was having trouble so I clicked on this link.

    Anyway don't know if you remember me; my name is Linda Elder, I worked for F.Robert Bell & Assoc at Kuparuk Jan 1983 thru Dec 1986 - though I got transferred to Prudhoe in May 1986. My friend Sydney and her boyfriend Paul with Houston Contracting used to visit you and your family. We'd bring steaks, milk and goodies and have dinner with y'all. I remember the "honey pot", first I'd ever heard that word. I remember your 4 boys. I remember they all had Bibical name and one was Issac. We'd have you over to our camp site to visit, hang out with while you did laundry. We used to keep in touch for a while and then we lost touch. I just wanted you to know I have thought about you and your family many times over the years and told many the story of the Colville. You once sent me a picture of a polar bear that had taken residence over Jim's ice fishing hole with a pile fish next to it. It sounds like all is well and I sure hope you remember us.

  3. PS - please feel free to drop a line - my personal email is I would be so stoked to hear from you after all these years. Aloha for now, Linda